Micasa Energy is a web based
energy management & reporting portal

With our easy to deploy wireless hardware platform we are able to monitor & manage your energy usage in real-time
We intuitively collect and manage this real-time data, and have all the information available at your fingertips.
This will enable you to not only manage your energy bill more effectively, but is the first step to managing your loads through automation
You can take a look at our demo Dashboard here.

We are changing the game. We are bringing tools previously only accessible and affordable to the industrial sector to everyone.

We are able to offer the very critical service of managing your energy usage footprint to every sphere. From Industry to the average household. These days managing your electricity bill is very important. Whether it is caring for the environment, or cutting cost, we can help!

Energy Metering

Collecting energy usage from individual areas/loads/devices has never been this easy and affordable. With our leading edge wireless meters and controller.

Online Portal

Collecting, compiling and uploading the real-time data to our on-line portal is seem-less. You can access your information from anywhere in the world.


Knowledge is only the first step. Using the hardware platform you already have we can add management and controlling right down to individual devices. This is a game changer!

How we work for you

Z-wave platform

We Utilize VERA. Built on the proven Zwave wireless technology. These devices allow us to rapidly set up metering in EVERY application without the need for expensive cabling

Proprietary Software

On top of the powerful VERA platform we have proprietary software plug-ins developed for energy management. These plug-ins manage the collecting of information, and managing of loads.

Online Portal

The online portal allows you to view an manage your energy usage as well as take control of your electricity guzzling devices. Simple and intuitively!

Specialist Consulants

On top of our amazing hardware nd software tools we offer specialist consultants that can assist you in optimizing your energy usage.

Ready to do something?

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